Caricature Commissions!

Just added: Convention Style Caricatures!

These are more akin to the live caricatures I'd spent the better part of my working career doing!

Done traditionally (on heavy, high quality paper, no less!!) and suitable for framing, this is a fun, impressive option, at a pretty nifty price point!

BW Convention Style  


Black & White- $50/face
Color- $80/face
Shipping & handling- $5 (cheap!)

That's it!  Want a caricature of your lovely self?  A group of 8 people?  Want a drawing of you, your bestie and... your favorite comedian?  Whatever you've got in mind, it'll work!  

To order yours, you've got some easy options:

Once payment is received, you will be contacted with confirmation, and we'll get started!  Be ready- at this point I'll ask you to send over photos of the lucky subjects. (More on the process here...)  
Once that's taken care of, you can sit back and relax while I get to the drawing board!

Turnaround is generally 2-4 days, but I'll be in touch with you ever step of the way.

A few more examples for fun...




For a more detailed description of the process, click here, or scroll to the bottom of the page...

Any questions, feel free to email me by clicking here...


More options!

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Option 1 
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Option 4
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Option 1

Head & shoulders, wlack & white/monochromatic, all digital.

A more simple approach, this is basically the same as my live caricatures.  Done entirely on the computer, but a high enough resolution to print if that's your cup o' tea.  Delivered digitally.

Click any of these to embiggen!

Digital BW example   


Select number of faces
Please let me know anything that could enhance the drawing...


Option 2

Head & Shoulders, Color, all digital

I take a little more time with these.  All digital ink and color, with minimal backgrounds and action.
The final product is delivered digitally.

Also available in landscape mode for bigger groups!

Select number of faces
Please enter any information that would enhance the drawing...


Option 3

Partial/full body, Color, all digital

A little bit fancier yet!  Action poses with minimal backgrounds.  All digital, high resolution, delivered via web transfer.


Select number of faces
Please enter any information that would enhance the drawing...
Please indicate what the subjects should be doing...


Option 4

Traditional (ink on board), with digital color

My personal favorites.  These are drawn traditionally on heavy duty illustration board.  The physical art is scanned in and colored digitally.  
This is what I do the majority of my professional jobs in.

The final colored art is delivered digitally, AND the actual physical drawing will shipped right to you!



Select number of faces
Please enter any information that would enhance the drawing...
Please indicate any info I should know about the subjects...


Option 5


Traditional: Pen & ink, watercolor, on heavy duty illustration board

These are all traditional, no computers, done the old fashioned way!
All designed and drawn with ink on heavy duty illustration board.  Then colored in with a combination of watercolors and watercolor dyes.  
Backgrounds, elements, captions all included.
Final art is shipped directly to you!



Select number of faces
Please enter any information that would enhance the drawing...
Please indicate any info I should know about the subjects...


The Process... how does this all work?

Good question!  Basically, once payment is received, I will ask you for a number of photos of the subject for me to draw from.  The more photos the better!  Different angles, different expressions, etc etc.  I purposefully make this part of the process not automated: when you send me photos, I'll will actually look at them and make sure there's enough for me to get a feel for the subject to draw from.  And, I will be in constant contact with you the entire time.  This isn't some AI bot or something... this will involve lil ol' me, sitting at my drawing board for a workday or three, with the end goal of pleasing the client: You.  

Once I have all the reference materials I need, I will start sketching!  Ideally I will come up something is pretty close to what you're envisioning.  There has to be a certain amount of trust at this stage, but I'm in the business of making clients happy, and I will work with you.
On the off chance that what I create isn't to your satisfaction, I will do up to 2 revisions of the sketch.  If we're still not able to reach an agreement, I will refund 50% of the payment, with my apologies and no questions asked.

Why do I keep that 50%?  Well, because this is my job, and I have already spent a number of hours on the project.  Sorry.  But as of this writing, I've never had to issue a refund on a studio caricature.  I like to say I know what I'm doing.  But I have to be transparent up front.

What will I be receiving once the job is done?

Depends on what option you went for.  If your product is digital, that's pretty easy.  I will either email you the file, or depending on size and the wonkiness of some email servers, I'll use a service like or something. The Digital file will be 300 dpi, probably around 11x17 or so, (unless you specify otherwise- I'm easy), and will be yours do share, print, spam people with, whatever.  All I ask is that you do not digitally remove my signature from the image.  

If you ordered an option that requires me to actually draw on physical paper, you'll receive that in the mail once the job is done!  If it's digitally colored, I'll also send you the high res digital file.  
If your option is 100% traditional media, I will send you the physical piece of art.  If you ask nicely, I can even scan it in so you can also have a digital file of it.

Did I forget anything?

If something you're curious about isn't covered here, please do not hesitate to email me!  I'm sure in the future I'll be adding to this addendum, so the more feedback (feedforward?) I receive from you, the better I can make all of this!

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