Some recent storyboard work!

Posted 04.15.2024 at 12:00AM |

I've been working in advertising for 25 or so years, in various capacities.  It was the bread & butter, TBH, and allowed me time to work on other facets of my career.  And, I always really dug the work- fast pace, high pressure, long hours- that's when I work my best.

That's all changed now with the advent of AI.  Artists who can knock out quick sketches of ideas and scenes to illustrate a creative team's vision are no longer needed.  

Luckily, there's still some production work that AI hasn't swallowed up yet (for now), storyboarding for film and TV production.  

Here's a few samples of what I've been working on lately...  Can't share much info, since they're all still in post-production, but when I can, I will!

(clicky to embiggen)

For fun, here's a few advertising examples.  A very different animal than production boards- cleaner and shinier: