Live streamed drawing sessions on Instagram!

Posted 04.20.2020 at 12:00AM |

I've just gotten into the habit of semi regularly doing live stream drawing sessions on Instagram.  That's something I never foresaw myself doing.  Who's got the time?? Well, it turns out, I do... and it really doesn't take all that much time, once all the software is up and running.

For the week of April 20, here's my Live Stream Schedule:

4/20, 3pm
Instagram @EdSteckleyIllustrator
Topic: Sketching out a Caricature or Two Digitally.

4/21 3pm
Instagram @EdSteckleyIllustrator
Topic: Sketching in a Sketchbook

4/22, 3pm
Instagram @EdSteckleyIllustrator
Topic: Studio Tour

4/23, 3pm
Instagram @EdSteckleyIllustrator
Topic: Random topic based on feedback from the previous few days.

On Friday, 4/24, I'll be doing a live feed for the Society of Illustrators on THEIR Instagram, @SoI128.  

As of now, I've no clue if I want to continue to do these.  It all depends on the work flow, feedback, technology, you name it.  We'll see how it goes!


Now a little off topic... kinda.

So have you heard about this Corona virus thing that's been making the rounds?  

Man, this is getting monotonous!  The only good to come out of what's happening in the world right now is this: I feel like I'm closer than ever with people I'd almost or totally lost touch with.  The amount of texts, calls, DMs has been heartwarming.  A lot of it has been from fellow artists venting about work, but the human contact has been uplifting.  It's a good time for that.  This depressing situation, coupled with the loss of the great Mort Drucker (to non-COVID reasons, BTW), having to avoid social contact has been a real drag.  I never considered myself a very social person, but I may have been wrong.  Plus, the mask really futzes with my uncut hair.

Truth be told, my life hasn't really changed much.  Every day I head down to my studio in the house and start work around 7am, go till roughly 6 or 7pm.  Up until the last week, I've been working 95% on the next Rube Goldberg book, and the rest has been the occasional Mad Magazine job.  (I've been turning down all the lucrative ad work since just after Christmas- that doesn't help the depression!)  The book is in it's final edits, so once that's done, I'll be back on that full time again.  But man, it's getting difficult to fight off the doldrums that come with not having the option to go outside and do something else for a break.  I know I'm not alone there.

I've been actively engaging myself in activities that will help keep my spirits up.  Doing a LOT non-work related drawing.  That's pretty new, and that helps.  I'm also a big cooking nerd and doing a lot of that, while also fighting to stave off the 'Quarantine 15'.  (I even have an Instagram account just for cooking stuff!)  

Also, the liquor stores in NYC are considered 'Essential Businesses', so there's that.

No real reason to post this, just thought I'd put some of all this into words.  Ok, back to work!